There are a few different things that any good landscaping plan will need to be successful.

First you should know what a successful landscaping plan is. To have a successful landscaping plan it needs to be well thought out and all issues must be dealt with and accounted for. This means taking into consideration the amount of sun each part of the yard will get as well as how much water it will receive and where the water will sit.

Drainage is imperative to any well thought out landscaping plan in San Jose. You need to have the right kind of irrigation if you want anything to grow and flourish in your new dream yard.

You should take close stock of what is already around before you start any kind of landscaping plan, all of the best plans will use the natural beauties that are already a part of any yard.

Examine all aspects of the yard to be landscaped. Will you need to level or hill up any areas? Are the angles good as they are or do they need a little help?

These kinds of things matter and will have some part of the drainage aspect mentioned above when it comes to your landscaping plan.

Make sure that your landscaping plan has taken everything into consideration, here at Flor Landscaping we take care of everything from design to build. We work with you to build your dream yard here in San Jose and surrounding areas!


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