Time and time again we get asked what is better, pavers or concrete? They both definitely serve their purpose here at Flor Landscaping we always tell our San Jose clients to go for pavers because of the unique look and it will last you longer than concrete.

Pavers are really special because you can choose from many different styles and truly make your outdoor living space your own. When it comes to pavers, when put in correctly, they are really durable and if there happens to be damage down the road you replace that particular paver instead of redoing the whole area.

Concrete looks more simple and depending on the finish it is very sleek. Concrete can be done relatively quickly and make your space look very clean. If you have a big area to cover like a long driveway you might want to consider doing concrete because it is more affordable in San Jose.

Here at Flor Landscaping we do it all and can design a yard you will truly appreciate and enjoy every time you step outside your lovely home. When guests come over they will always tell you what a beautiful walkway, driveway, yard you have! When it comes to outdoor living spaces Flor Landscaping will not only meet your needs but exceed them.


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