Hi, we are Flor Landscaping!

We help people like you design and build a dream outdoor living space for themselves and their family to truly enjoy.

Early on

Our father is the Grandfather of the business. His name is Ramon and started Landscaping back in 1998. We the sons have taken over helping more people achieve their dream backyard. We are a family business and here to help you and your family!


Edgar is the oldest of the brothers and head of design for the company currently helping homeowners design a dream outdoor living space. He will be your project manager so the build phase is a smooth process. Exiquio is the second oldest and will help you build a budget for your dream outdoor living space. We can help you in the design and build of your space so you and your family can truly enjoy! Edgar went to business school at CSU East Bay in Hayward, CA. He also took local community college courses in Horticulture and Construction to help grow this business. Hopefully we can meet in person and have the pleasure to transform your outdoor living space.